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Accounting & Bookkeeping

HB Accounting has a well-trained accounting staff that can handle all your company’s accounting and bookkeeping requirements. Bookkeeping transactions are the backbone of your accounting system. Outsourcing these functions to HB Accounting will ensure accurate and reliable data as well as timely preparation of monthly/annual reports. Our staff members have vast and wide-ranging experience in auditing, accounting, taxation, and can provide all the necessary requirements for a complete set of accounting documents for you and your firm. Some of our accounting and bookkeeping services include: Accounts Payables; Accounts Receivables; Bank Reconciliations; General ledgers; and Semi-/Annually-Financial Statements accompanying with financial notes

Business Registration & Incorporation

HB Accounting can assist you to understand all the necessary steps required in starting up your business and how to deal with government’s accounting fling and other legal requirements. A business owner should register its business with the provincial Registrar of Companies if this business is going to operate under a business name as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited company. Our personnel’s team will ensure your business registration is in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Further, our team will provide on-going assistance in operational business needs, ways of cost management tailored specifically to your business, arrangement of funds to maintain an appropriate cash flow to meet future liability and investing needs.

Business Plans & Projections

Whether you are starting a new business or have a going concern, HB Accounting can help you create an effective business plan to secure the funding you need. We have on-site trained professionals who are expert writers and have the experience and expertise in creating cash flow projections required for the business plans that will help you obtain a line of credit or short term loan.    


Personal Tax Returns

HB Accounting has on-site tax experts who can analyze and prepare variety of returns ranging from simple to complex personal tax returns. Canada’s Income Tax Act requires all individuals and sole proprietors to file T1 individual tax return even if there is no tax payable. Our team of seasoned professionals will provide you with personal, professional and affordable service while proactively ensuring that we maximize your tax refund or minimize your tax liability.   

Corporate Tax Returns

Canada’s Income Tax Act requires all corporations to file T2 or T2 short return even if there is no tax payable. At HB Accounting, our seasoned professionals excel at providing comprehensive corporate tax preparation services along with year-round accounting services. Regardless of the size of your company or partnership, we will provide you with tax planning solution that will be tailored to your specific situation. We proactively keep current on new tax laws and legislation. This allows us identify crucial tax planning opportunities that can minimize your tax liabilities and protect your assets.

CRA Audits & Reviews

HB Accounting will analyze the reasons behind your audit or reassessment and will file the necessary appeals on your behalf. Audits and appeals can be stressful and our firm will take that responsibility for you and will do its best to resolve the situation in your best interests.

HST, WSIB, EHT & Payroll Tax Remittances

HB Accounting provides services in the computation, preparation, and remittance of HST and payroll deductions. HST is a consumer tax resulting from the combination of the GST and PST. As an operator of a business in Ontario, it's your responsibility to charge, collect and remit HST as required. As an employer, you are also responsible for deducting, remitting, and reporting payroll deductions. Our firm will take this responsibility from you and save you the time and the uncertainty when dealing with all trust accounts along with ensuring to maximizing your refunds and minimizing amount owed. Further we can assist you in preparing year end T4 summaries and supplements for your employees and in handling any worker’s compensation claims.


Residential and Commercial Mortgages

HB Accounting will arrange first, second or even third mortgages for you. We can arrange business financial on equipment, renovations, new business ventures and business acquisitions. We can also provide services to have your business flow prepared to secure financing.

Business Loans

HB Accounting can arrange all types of business loans. Whether you need a loan to start a new business or run an existing one, we have the expertise to quickly arrange the money for you. Speak to us to maximize your chances of securing the loan you need. We have access to wide range of finance sources.


RRSP is a tax-deferred account designed specifically for retirement savings. Canadian residents under the age of 71 who has earned income can make contributions to an RRSP account. At HB Accounting we have experts who can assists you will all your RRSP needs.

RESP is an education savings plan that has been registered under the Income Tax Act and offers significant advantages to families saving for their child's future education expenses. HB Accounting has experts who will help you open RESP accounts and manage your contributions and make payments to the plan.